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Concept Development

For every great idea that gets successfully developed, there are thousands of great ideas that don’t see the light of day. Great ideas come and go like seeds blowing in the wind. Only when they stop blowing around do they find a space to grow and develop.

If you have an idea for an injection moulded product, but don’t know where to start or how to develop your idea, then come and talk to us at FirstPress. We love a challenge and like nothing more than to see our customers develop their original concepts into successful and profitable products.


Our pool of highly experienced designers, under the watchful eye of General Manager, Djilani Daoudi, know what it takes to design for injection moulding. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.

Each moulding material has different qualities. Flexibility, rigidity, opacity and shrinkage all have to be taken into consideration when designing a product for plastic injection moulding. Your project is in safe hands with FirstPress.

Tool Design & Manufacture

Injection Mould Tools come in many forms, from small simple tools not much bigger than a shoebox, to giant tools the size of an elevator, weighing several tons.

At FirstPress we know that tool design is key to a quality result. The time and effort put into the tool design and manufacture is greatly rewarded with a far superior end result. Whether it be an aluminium tool for small quantity runs or a fully-hardened steel tool designed for long life and high quantities, we have the expertise to get it right first time.

Sampling & Prototypes

Before any full production run, prototypes and sample mouldings are produced and presented to the customer. This gives the customer the opportunity to examine the full size product sample, checking the colour and textured finish for example, ensuring it meets with their expectations.

It is at this stage that we also check the quality of the end product and ensure that there are no minor defects present. At this stage we can still make minor changes to the mould tool if required.

Moulding & Assembly

In addition to a full spectrum of plastic injection moulding services, we also provide a complete assembly service of additional component parts, such as threaded inserts for example. failures can occur due to … Brass and aluminum are common choices. for example when  printing, labeling, asssembly and packaging

It is at this stage that we also check the quality of the end product and ensure that there are no minor defects present. At this stage we can still make minor changes to the mould tool if required.

Packaging & Delivery

Our packaging and delivery service includes printing, labelling, full parts assembly and appropriate packaging. During this process further quality checks are carried out before each carton is clearly labelled and signed off for delivery.

Cartons are then carefully stacked onto pallets and cling-wrapped before being loaded by fork-lift onto our curtain-sided Mercedes-Benz Atego delivery vehicle.


16 countries


30+ years expertise


8,000+ projects

Frequently asked questions

How long does the moulding process take?
That really depends on the status of your project… Is your project still at the design stage? Do you already have a mould tool for your product or do we need to manufacture a mould tool for you? Will you be producing 5,000 moulds? 100,000 moulds? 500,000 moulds? Are there component parts to be assembled?

Every project is different. That’s where our experience and expertise comes in. We sit down with each of our customers and take the time to fully understand the desired outcome. Only then can we explain the options open to you and the time required to achieve the desired outcome.

Typically a new product can go from design stage to sample mould production in anything from 6 to 12 weeks or even longer, depending on the complexity of the project.

What if I'm not happy with your services?
As an ISO9001 accredited company, Firstpress Moulders take great care to ensure we get it right every step of the way. We stand by the services we provide. We genuinely want our customers to be with us for the long term and will do all that we can to ensure your total satisfaction in all that we do.

It is, however, important to understand that the end result of any moulding project is directly proportional to the effort and the quality built in to that product from the outset. A poorly thought out concept leads to a poor design. As the mould tool follows this design, it stands to reason that the finished tool will be of the same standard. Any initial design errors are therefore built into the tool and will subsequently be seen in the mouldings themselves.

Occasionally, we have customers who come to us with a mould tool, which, in an effort to save money, has been designed and manufactured overseas. Sadly, this can sometimes be a case of ‘penny wise, pound foolish’. Whilst there are many good toolmakers overseas, the logistics of returning a tool for modifications can easily outweigh any initial cost-saving in tool manufacture.

Whilst we take great pride in the quality services we provide, we cannot be held responsible for third party designs and mould tools, although we will of course, make all efforts to help you achieve the desired outcome.

Do you offer after sales support?
We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. Should there be any defects in the initial sample mouldings we supply to you, we do our utmost to rectify or modify the parts for you before full production.

We can also store and take care of your mould tools for you. Just as the working life of a motor vehicle can be extended with replacement parts and regular servicing, so can the working life of a mould tool.

Aluminium tools are commonly used for low volume production runs, generally up to 100,000 units, whilst tools made with hardened steel are generally used for much higher unit production; often 250,000 units or more.

With regular inspection and replacement of worn parts such as ejector pins, the life of a mould tool can be greatly extended. Often, with clever design and additional, interchangeable inserts, the same tool can be used for the production of different components.

This is something that we can advise on and should be considered at the initial design stage.

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