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Our injection moulding machines range from 22-ton to 820-ton.


Our Injection Moulding Machines

As you can see in the data table shown below, FirstPress Plastic Moulders has a range of injection moulding machines ranging in size from 20-ton to 820-ton, allowing us to produce injection mouldings ranging in weight from 1 gram to 6.4 kilos with a surface area of up to 1.1m2.

This range of machines allows us to mould across the full spectrum of plastic materials, from general purpose polymers such as Polypropylene, H.I.P.S, G.P. Crystal, LDPE, HDPE and PVC to engineering materials such as BDS, Nylons, Polycarbonates, ABS, Acetal, Ryton PPS and PBT. In short, Soft Touch to Full Metal Replacement Materials.

With more than 30 years in plastic injection moulding, on thousands of diverse projects, we have the experience to meet the most demanding and complex of moulding challenges.

Injection Moulding Machines - Specifications


16 countries


30+ years expertise


4,000+ projects

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