Firstpress Olympic torch ‘key’ designer wins IAB business awards

by Nov 20, 2012Firstpress Birmingham

The designers and manufacturers of the ‘key’ used to ignite the Olympic torches have won international business of the year at the Institute of Asian Businesses annual dinner.

First Press (Plastic Moulders) Ltd., which was founded in 1985 was recognised for its values towards international trade, for how it has dealt with cultural and language differences and how it has marketed the city of Birmingham.

Javed Aziz, managing director of the company based in Birmingham’s Balsall Heath area, said: “We are delighted that we have been recognised in these prestigious awards because of our ability to maintain progress over the past few years. In challenging economic times, our good customer relationships have ensured high levels of quality and innovation and by introducing processes using a combination of highly skilled and experienced workers with modern and innovative computer controlled equipment we have survived and achieved growth in the worst recession ever recorded.

The company which has 35 employees has established long-term relationships with a variety of international partners including Coca-Cola, Bosch, Sharp and WH Smiths.

“Our growth has enabled us to look for larger premises and we have moved to new 55,000 square foot premises in Birmingham. We have also expanded overseas and now have a 35,000 sq. ft. purpose built blow moulding and injection moulding facility in Dubai where we employ 75 members of staff. Our main customer is British Petroleum.

“We believe in a creative and entrepreneurial legacy for Birmingham and therefore encourage strong business relationships with new inventors, entrepreneurs and developing companies.”

“This award is an absolute privilege and it is dedicated to all our staff here in the UK and over in Dubai as we always believe in investing in our workforce who have helped in making Firstpress what it is today. This award has and will motivate us all to progress in the future”

The IAB which celebrates its silver anniversary in business this year is part of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Group.

Nasir Awan, president of the IAB said: “For twenty five years we have helped and supported our members to grow their business, create jobs and boost the Midlands economy. It was a great opportunity for us to recognise and reward these growing companies for their continuing contribution to business growth in Birmingham.”

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